QE2 | John Godber | comedy/drama


John Godber’s new comedy/drama about love, life and staying on your bike!

Retired miner Don (Mark Winstanley) and former teacher Carol (Loveday Smith) find unexpected companionship having both recently lost their soulmates. They bond over their love for biking and embark on a cycling holiday through Europe – departing on the day of the BREXIT referendum. But Carol has voted IN and Don’s voted OUT!

Join them on their hilarious and heartfelt journey. Will they make it to Florence? And does it really take two to tandem?

By kind permission of Alan Brody Representation and SKY ARTS

'Two excellent, often moving performances…actors Loveday Smith and Mark Winstanley excel!’ Michael Hasted ARTS TALK MAGAZINE HERE IN IMPERIUM, 10TH APRIL IN BETTY ASFALT COMPLEX, 11, 12 & 13th APRIL

Spel: Mark Winstanley en Loveday Smith

Prijs: €20,--

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Tijd: 20.00 uur

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